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Oregon is far more than just a place to live—it is a source of inspiration and excitement, a land of possibilities, and a quest for discovery. The scenic byways, recreational opportunities, and urban entertainments that Oregon has to offer are virtually unparalleled from state to state. Interested in Oregon real estate? Join Hybrid Real Estate as we take you on virtual tour of Oregon sights and cities. Are you interested in buying a home in Oregon? Let Hybrid Real Estate help you find the perfect Oregon community.

Travelers to Oregon are often overwhelmed by the striking beauty and diversity of the landscapes, ranging from high desert in the east to lush green forests and the windswept Pacific shoreline in Western Oregon’s coast. Running through the middle of these remarkably dissimilar Oregon landscapes is the robust and glaciated Cascade Mountain Range, featuring the highest point in Oregon, the magnificent Mt. Hood (11,239 ft). Mt. Hood, rising high above the Oregon countryside, can be seen from miles away in any direction in Oregon, most notably as the highlight of the exquisite Columbia River Gorge. South Central Oregon’s Crater Lake draws visitors from around the world with its extraordinary beauty. These attractions make Oregon particularly amenable to being explored by vehicle, with weekend getaways to Oregon sights just a short drive away in any season.

Natural beauties are not Oregon’s only attraction, however. Residents and visitors alike enjoy Oregon’s famous Pinot Noirs, derived from the Burgundian and Alsacian varietals that grow so well in Oregon’s climate. Oregon is also home to the largest quantity of breweries of any urban center in the world, making it commonplace to find specialty brews featured in local Oregon grocery stores. Shoppers will be pleased to discover that Oregon has absolutely no sales tax, Oregon being only 1 of 5 states in the Union able to boast this fact. With an eye to higher education, Oregon provides an extensive selection of both private and public colleges, including the University of Portland, Oregon State University, and the University of Oregon. The Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon’s only pro-sports team, is just one option for sports enthusiasts, who can also involve themselves in the intense Ducks vs. Beavers rivalry. Portland, Oregon, with a population of nearly 584,000, is the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest and a major cultural hub. Visitors to Oregon will soon discover that in addition to beautiful landscapes, sundry recreational opportunities, and exciting urban entertainments, Oregon residents themselves are extraordinarily kind and pleasant.

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